updated November 13, 2017








*Saturday, 07. Inzell Area Private "WEDDING" Duo with Tom S.


*Thursday, 12. Hasselfelde "PULLMAN CITY HARZ" Duo


 *Friday, 13. Hasselfelde "PULLMAN CITY HARZ" Band


 *Saturday, 14. Private Party Duo with Gabor in Thueringen


 *Saturday, 21. 66740 Saarlouis "HONKY TONK"at "COYOTE CAFE"  Trio (Clem/Gabor) Sonnenstraße 12, 66740 Saarlouis


*Sunday, 22. Private "MONI'S BIRTHDAY" by Bayreuth



*Saturday, 11. Butzbach "Kathys Saloon" Private event by and for DTC Fanclub Trio with Gabor and Dietmar. info here or at  info


*Tuesday, 21. Bamberg "HAAS SAAL" BOCKBIERANSTICH! Trio
with Clemens & Gabor 19h


*Thursday, 23. Ebern "MANDROPS" Duo...private


*Friday, 24. Kerken, "RANCHHOUSE CAFE" Duo or Trio Gabor, AK


*Saturday, 25. Moenchengladbach, "EICKENHALLE" Trio ...Gabor, AK


*Sunday, 26. Private Matinee Duo

Gabor, AK




*Sat. 02. Andy K. ties the knot...we are there!


*Fri 08. Switzerland- "BONANZA" Trio with Clemens & Gabor


*Sat 09.Switzerland-3097 Liebefeld   "HONKY TONK SALOON"   Trio with Clemens & Gabor


*Tuesday,12. Miltenberg "FAUST STUEBL" 17-22h with Gabor

 .........................special fricking event baby.........................

*Saturday, 16. Vacha "VACHA CHRISTMAS BASH" Duo with Lonnie Dale and guest Gabor B!


*Sunday, 17. Plech "FRAENKISCHE WUNDERLAND" 14h with Gabor... Christmas Market!


*Friday, 22. Private Birthday Party in Schwabach with Gabor


*Saturday, 23. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" Duo with Gabor


*Sunday, 24. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" Duo with Gabor



*Sunday, 31. Untermeitingen "FOUR CORNERS" Band with Schirmer, Bardfalvi and Schoenheiter



*Monday, 01. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" Trio with Clemens and Gabor (maybe Mr. Schoenheiter joins us!)


*Wednesday, 03. Volkach "WINTERZAUBER" Band 17h Gabor, Clemens, Dietmar


*Saturday, 20. Grosskoetz "SPORTGASTSTAETTE" Club Night... Travellin' Guitar Man CD presentation DUO


*Sunday, 21. Birkenried "MATINEE" Duo 


*LOOKING FOR A DATE at Hahnbach (Amberg area) Saloon    Kuemmersbuch 12, 92256 Hahnbach  start at ca 20:30


27.01 no CS



Clemens Schirmer and Dan met doing Gigs in Louisianna's Man Helt Oncale's Band in the 1990's. Happy to have the inventor of Schirmer Bamboos doing most of the Drumwork in both the power Trio and Band. He is sponsored by TROJAN drums.


*Friday, 02. Untermeitingen "FOUR CORNERS" Trio with Gabor and Fiddle Cat Aaron Till!


*Saturday 03. St, Heinrich "LONESTAR SALOON"
Trio with Aaron Till and Gabor...20h

Hotelrooms available in house! Great steaks!


Wednesday, 07. Stammheim "GOLDEN NUGGET SALOON" Duo with Gabor..20h


To be announced!!! Kleinsteinach "LITTLE STONE CREEK" 20h Duo with Gabor

MARCH 2018


*Friday, 02. Leer (Ostfriesen) "KULTURSPEICHER" with Gabor and Sievert!


*Saturday, 03. Leer (Ostfriesen) "KULTURSPEICHER" with Gabor and Sievert!

*Saturday, 17. 07387 Krölpa/OT Rockendorf "COUNTRY CLUB WHITE WOLF" "Zum Goldenen Adler" in Rockendorf. Duo with Gabor...Saalfelder Str. 3 , 07387 Krölpa/OT Rockendorf    Reservierung erbeten unter ‪01758831122‬  015117907971  schnatty.87@gmail.com       


*Friday, 23. 97496, Birkach "KLEINE HOF CAFE" with Gabor B. ca 20h Reservations under 0160 5203869


*Saturday, 24. 97496, Birkach "KLEINE HOF CAFE" with Gabor B. ca 20h Reservations under 0160 5203869


*Saturday, 31.  Austria-Haag am Hausruck, "GHOST CITY SALOON" Bardfalvi, Schirmer, Schoenheiter

In October, 2016 Dan, Dietmar and Gabor joined Gregg Stocki and Aaron Till in Nashville for several shows. One highlight was our live interview in WSM with Marica Campbell on the ALL NIGHTER.

WSM ist the 91 year old station which broadcasts the Grand Ol Opry as well as a steady flow of great tradtional and modern country including a good healthy dose of Bluegrass. We did five songs live... more info and some videos on Facebook.

APRIL 2018


*Sunday, 01. Austria- Wolfi's Birthday bash...PRIVATE!  Bardfalvi, Schirmer, Schoenheiter...


??*Saturday, 14. Muehlhausen "HONKY TONK" Duo with Gabor


*Saturday, 28. Dormitz, "SPORTHEIM" Trio 

Seebalderstr.  20:30  Diet Waechtler Steel & Gabor B.


*Sunday, 29. Fuerth "OLD HIPPIES" Duo
ca 20h


27.04 No CS


Dietmar Waechtler with his new custom built WBS steel guitar built close to Lohr, Germany. Mr. Waechtler and Daniel have worked together for over 20 years and "Didi" is featured on all of Dan's CDs beginning in 1994. Catch him at one of the shows this year...good pedal steel is hard to come by so come on by!

MAY 2018


*Sunday, 13. Ueschersdorf, "LINDENFEST" 14h with Clemens & Gabor


Friday, 18. - Monday, 21. PFINGSTEN 


*possible Saturday 19 or Sunday 20

Geiselwind "TRUCKER&COUNTRY FESTIVAL" ---DTC Band Bardfalvi, Schirmer and possible guest 

JUNE 2018


*Friday, 01. possible Duo gig in Nordenberg


*Saturday, 02. Nenzingen "WESTERNSCHIESSEN" Band with
Gabe Bardfalvi,Clem Schirmer, Aaron Till        19-24h


*Sunday, 03. Nenzingen "WESTERNSCHIESSEN" Band with
Gabe Bardfalvi,Clem Schirmer, Aaron Till        10-16h



*Saturday, 09. Neubrun bei Wuerzburg "MONI'S BIRTHDAY BASH"

Trio with Gabor and Clemens! PRIVATE EVENT!


*Thursday, 14. Balzhausen "TAMARA'S WEDDING" private 15:30h

Trio with Gabor &.....   Lenderstuben in Balzhausen http://www.lenderstuben.de/


*SOMETIME THIS SUMMER!!! Bad Koenigshofen "BIERGARTEN EBNER" Trio 19-22:30 
















  1951 Pontiac..photographed in New Jersey....

JULY 2018

*Sunday, 08. France "LA ROQUE" with  Gabor, Aaron Till and maybe Gregg Stocki..

Tues26-29 No CS.


*Friday, 03. 64756 Mossautal, Ihrigstr.  "GABOR'S STRASSENFEST" Duo 18-22h 

Everybody come on out to the street party!!

*Saturday, 18. Austria (somewhere in Oberoesterreich) Manu's Wedding! with Band...Clemens, Gabor, Dan & Dietmar


*Thursday, 23. Nordenberg "BY THE SWIMMINGPOOL" Trio with Clemens and Gabor..      ca    20:30


???*Friday, 24. POSSIBLE FRUTIGEN Switzerland...Band


*Saturday, 01. Stadtlauringen Area-- Anna Lena's 30th---Trio with Gabor & Clemens...evening


*Saturday, 15. Bayreuth area private birthday for Pia...Duo with Gabor


 *Saturday, Sept. 22. PRIVATE GIG! 08261 Schilbach in Vogtland (Sachsen)"BURGERHAUS" duo with Gabor, Kornaer Weg bis zur Buswendeschleife... start about 20:30



20.10 No CS



with Clemens & Gabor 19h


*?? Ebern "MANDROPS" Duo...private


*?? Kerken, "RANCHHOUSE CAFE" Duo or Trio Gabor, AK


*??. Moenchengladbach, "EICKENHALLE" Trio ...Gabor, AK